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Welcome to the Mars Labs Knowledge Base system. Here you will find links to software and firmware updates, as well as documentation to help you.

Titan Control Software (TCS)

Titan Firmware Updates

Titan firmware updates require the Titan Firmware Programmer Utility (see “Titan Utilities” below)

Titan CPU Firmware Update

Titan CPU firmware updates require the Titan CPU Firmware Updater, part of the Titan Service Pack utility (see “Titan Utilities” below).

Titan Utilities

  • Titan Service Pack Installer
    The Titan Service Pack Installer is a .zip file containing the Installer executable file and Installation Guide pdf. It includes the Titan CPU Firmware Updater, CPU IP Address Programmer, Excel to TCS Converter, GPS to KML Exporter and the Dataset Decimator, and related User Guides.

NOTE: To install the Titan Service Pack on a Win7 system, right-click on the Installer executable file and select 'Run as administrator'.

MATV Update

Please contact the factory for more information

Device Manuals

Check here to find the latest documentation on Mars Labs software and hardware.

Titan Instructional Videos

Titan instructional videos are .mov files viewable in web browsers with the appropriate plug-in player installed. To download the video, right-click on the file and select 'Save link as'.

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